Pharmacy Leaders of Malaysia: Lovy Beh

From Malaysia to London and Back
Lovy Beh has built a prominent career as a pharmacy professional serving her community as well as supporting fellow pharmacists. As current president of the Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild and founder of the Lovy Pharmacy chain, she knows that passion plays a huge role in not only driving her career but also to “being the voice that no one else can.” After graduating from the London School of Pharmacy, Lovy Beh worked and trained in community pharmacy and hospital in London. Upon returning to Malaysia, she worked for BP Pharmacy for one and a half years before practicing in Singapore General Hospital for another two and a half. She established the first Lovy Pharmacy in February 2011.
Lovy Pharmacy: Pioneers in Innovation
Lovy Pharmacy, a Brick-and-Click specialty pharmacy, faced a tough start, beginning with only three employees. Since then, the Lovy Pharmacy name has grown to encompass 50 pharmacy and dispensary outlets throughout Malaysia. Lovy and her team endeavor to act as unique pioneers in pharmacy, providing value-added services like a Medicine Dosing Pack, a Total Wellness Program, Smoking Cessation, and Drive-Thru Pharmacy. Lovy even established the first Uber on-demand pharmacy in Malaysia through a partnership with Doctor2U one and a half years ago.
Leading the Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild
In 2014, Lovy joined the Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild, or MCPG, as Deputy President. In 2016, she was elected President, a role she serves today. In her time with MCPG, Lovy shares that is has been a “challenging but beautiful journey.” The MCPG is a national community pharmacy organization with a focus on industrial matters pertaining to Community Pharmacy practice. It represents up to a quarter of the 16,000 registered pharmacists in the country. It also works closely with various stakeholders, from the government to business owners, medical practitioners, and other non-governmental organizations. As the youngest female to ever lead the association, Lovy expresses that the role has not been an easy one, but it has been extremely rewarding, and she is glad she has the support of her supreme council and leaders. During her time with the MCPG, she has organized events spanning the International World Pharmacists Day (IWPD) Convention, and the World Pharmacists Day 2018 – an event co-organized by MCPG and MPS. Additionally, she has successfully led MCPG in organizing Pharmacy Revolution 4.0 Summit which was held in March 2018, and World Pharmacists Day Games 2017.
Young Pharmacists of the Future
Lovy emphasizes that it is never too late to join MCPG! It is an excellent way to stay updated on pharmacy events and connect with a community of pharmacy professionals. The group welcomes pharmacists who are passionate, dynamic, and wish to make a change in their society. “I always believe that if you want to make a change, it starts from you,” Lovy shares. She hopes that all pharmacy professionals will continue to challenge themselves to learn new things.