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Karen Grace Esteban-Romero, RPh, MTM
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According to the 2015 US National Diabetes Statistics Report, 30.2 million persons aged 18 years and older with diagnosed (23.1 million) and undiagnosed (7.2 million) type 1 and 2 diabetes were at higher risk for developing vaccine-preventable diseases such as pneumonia. Although the decision to receive vaccines is still a patient’s choice, as one of the most accessible health care professionals, pharmacists are instrumental in providing patients with pertinent information to make informed choices when it comes to immunizations, in terms of the benefits as well as the risks. Pharmacists are also in a unique position to identify those patients who are in target groups for certain vaccinations such as patients with chronic conditions like Diabetes. Pharmacists may also help ease the fears of many patients by providing them with the facts as well as the significant risks associated with getting vaccinated.